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What We Do

Our comprehensive service portfolio integrates hands-on, performance solutions with developmental strategies, specifically designed to impart both sustainable and highly adaptive results.  We believe solving an interim business challenge is a superficial solution without also addressing the systemic, underlying causations of the shortfall.


Our team delivers more than fifty years of distinguished, executive experience resulting in more than $1 billion in company valuation growth.  In addition, our team members have raised more than $350 million in investor capital for both startup and growth enterprises.  


This extensive, pragmatic experience, including the training of more than 500 sales professionals on three continents, provided the foundation for five years of extensive research, application and validation of neuroscience-based leadership, performance and organizational development techniques.  Techniques that cultivate adaptive thinking, collaboration and breakthrough performance in today's multi-cultural, multi-generational workplace.  


With the creation and execution of more than four dozen Strategic Business Plans and Strategic Assessments under our belt, we bring a seasoned, uniquely insightful perspective to our clients. This extensive experence enables us to separate the wheat from the chaff, seeing beyond the surface to the underlying causal inputs that drive high performance.


All of our engagements begin with a detailed assessment designed to reveal the most efficient, cost effective path to achieve the objectives of our clients.


Igniting sustainable, accelerating growth requires mindful planning, accute market insights and disciplined execution.  Having successfully orchestrated litereally dozens of new product launches, high value service offerings, and new market entrées, our foresight delivers comprehensive, turn-key solutions for driving profitable growth.  Our approach optimizes and aligns sales, marketing (including social branding and e-marketing), channel management, operations, finance and organizational infrastructure, ensuring the requisite support for mazimizing customer engagement.


In addition to our turn-key performance solutions, we concurrently develop internal resources. Our state-of-the-market leadership and professional development programs, collaboration strategies and sales training cultivates and aligns our clients' talent and core competencies, delivering sustainable performance for years to come.

Acceleration to Exit/Liquidity

Whether it's the divestiture of a business unit, sale of a private business or the desire for early stage investors to strike a liquidity event, Performance Transformation's strategic services accelerate and maximize company valuation.  Our comprehensive approach quickly and efficiently rationalizes operational overheads, drives revenue and leverages capital to maximizes cash flow.  


Underperformance typically emerges due to multi-faceted issues rooted in misaligned strategies, variable execution and eroding employee engagement.  Once the downward spiral begins, negative inputs inevitably spark additional issues.  Our reclaimation and turn-around services arrest this downard cycle by identifying and immediatly addressing the causal factors contributing to poor performance.  Our extensive turnaround experience, dating back to the 1990s, deliver pragmatic solutions that re-ignite engagement, optimizing and aligning leadership, strategy and organizational development.

Professional Development

Simply put, traditional approaches to leadership development and executive coaching have failed. Over the past twenty years, companies and institutions have invested more than $1 trillion in leadership development programs.  Yet, leadership metrics and performance continue to trend downward and away from the demands of today's multi-generational, multi-cultural landscape.


Our innovative, proprietary approach reflects five years of research and development and more than thirty years of practical experience.  Moving beyond Behaviorism, we integrate recent discoveries from Affective Neuroscience, Applied Behavioral Economics, Emotional Intelligence, Biophysiology and teachings from Jungian Psychology.  We anchor these insights in the day-to-day execution of stretch business assignments designed to grow the business concurrent with the professional.  This scientific and educationally-based approach sparks neurogenesis, primarily within the pre-frontal cortex, igniting creative, innovative thinking in the face of unforeseen and adaptive challenges.

Interim Executive Services

For companies in transition or seeking to implement a new market entry or exploratory strategy, Performance Transformation provides interim executive services that enhance strategic performance without the long-term commitment to expensive new hires.  Our team has extensive, interim experience serving as:

✓ Chief Executive Officer

✓ Chief Operating Officer

✓ Vice President of Sales & Marketing


✓ Chief Strategy Officer

✓ Finance/Capitalization Strategist

✓ Business Development Executive


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