Performance Transformation Launches Directed Force Putters In The Florida Golf Marketplace

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Performance Transformation (Lakewood Ranch, FL) announced today they have been retained by Directed Force Putters™ (Reno, NV) to develop their custom fitter and distribution network in Florida. The Directed Force Putters Company engineers and manufactures torque neutral putters, which are custom fitted for each golfer. The company also manufactures Press Grip™, an innovative grip designed with Forward Press Technology™.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be representing Directed Force Putters in Florida,” commented Terry Murray, Managing Partner of Performance Transformation ( “The design of Directed Force Putters is quite likely the most significant advance in golf technology since metal heads displaced persimmon drivers in the early 1980s.”

Over two years in development, the Directed Force Putters Company ( engineered a proprietary process called Lie Angle Balancing™. The recently released putter is being used by PGA professionals Stuart Smith, Will Lowery and Josh Weeden. Stuart Smith has already won three PGA club tournaments using the putter.

“Lie Angle Balancing is the art of balancing a putter so the face stays perpendicular to the golfer’s swing arc independently, without requiring the golfer to apply hand pressure to keep the putter face square at impact,” said Bill Presse, the inventor and owner of Directed Force Putters. “Lie Angle Balancing prevents spikes in torque applied by your hands during the putting stroke that results in the ball veering off line.”

Putters have traditionally been manufactured using Face Balancing or Toe Down Balancing designs. During the backswing, the natural head rotation of traditional putters causes the putter to want to open up. In fact, Face Balancing and Toe Down putters are at least 90 degrees off wanting to seek square during the stroke.

“When a Face Balanced putter is placed in a lie angle plane, and lifted off the ground, it will open up exactly 90 degrees,” added Presse. “Golfers have been subtly battling this tendency with hand torque for generations, leading to variability in the swing and, inevitably, variable performance on the green.”

Florida is the number one golf destination in the world, with more than 1,100 golf courses, country clubs and resorts throughout the state. According to Governor Rick Scott’s office, the direct, economic output of golf is $7.5 billion and the golf economy employs more than 167,000 Floridians. That figure is $3.5 billion ahead of the state’s theme parks and $3 billion more than the state’s medical device industry. While the number of rounds played throughout the country was down last year, rounds played in Florida were up 5%. In addition, golf club sales continue to grow at nearly 6% per year.

“Our stock and trade is the commercialization of highly innovative, often disruptive technologies,” commented Murray. “We enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to bring such a remarkable product into such a dynamic, enjoyable market. This putter is literally a game changer!”

“The physics of Lie Angle Balancing results in a putter that seeks to go straight, in and of itself,” said Presse. “With the Directed Force Putter, you will instantly start making more one putts and less three putts.”

As every putter is custom fitted and manufactured for each golfer, the club will be available for sale at select pro shops, country clubs and resorts throughout the state.

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