Jim Blasingame

Host, Best-Selling Author

The Small Business Advocate® Show

"Leadership, strategy, culture.  Everyone of those things, folks, you heard us talk about on the show before, but only Terry has pulled it together in one little nugget."

General David Petraeus

Formal commendation for pro bono "Warriors in Transition" workshop

“These equine assisted programs facilitate successful returns, reunions, and reintegration for service personnel and their families...Programs and events such as this do much to build strong, resilient families and are much appreciated.”

Dr. Ed Lin

Founder and CEO

Healo Medical

“Terry is an analytical, insightful healthcare consultant who not only grasps the big picture of potential impact, synergy and ramifications of a new development, be it technology or healthcare policy, but also has an excellent understanding of implementation logistics in order to capitalize on an opportunity. He is prompt, professional and thorough in his work, and warm and sensitive in his dealings with others. Highly recommended.”

Monica Roberts

Founder & President,

Hollywood Hawaii Media Alliance

"You are really a dynamo! The Leadership Training you conducted in Hawaii was a very profound experience that created a breakthrough in my business and personal life. As a result, a whole new level of creativity and productivity entered my life. I was able to find the precious time and energy necessary to move ahead and launch The Hollywood Hawaii Media Alliance - a dream job opportunity. This would not have occurred without your leadership guidance and in depth workshop content which opened my heart and mind to new possibilities. I feel you have touched my life on a very deep level and am very grateful for you and the excellent work you do."

Linda Kohanov

Founder, EponaQuest, Best-Selling Author

Reviewing Terry's book

Amy Kelsall, Ph.D.

Director of Strategic H.R. Management Programs,

University of Denver

"Terry, I can relate to the multisensory approach to learning as I experienced it in the workshop with you.   It provides a profound internalization of lessons and awareness. Thank you for doing this work on behalf of anyone, anywhere. I recommend it to those searching for insights, relationships, community and patterns within one’s world. It helped me with getting out of my own way, opening and welcoming new information and the safety to truly allow and experience it."

Patrick Donahue

Director, Strategy & Parterships,   Democrasoft, Inc.

“When you first meet with Terry, you realize that he's often the smartest guy in the room. I don't mean to merely refer to cognitive strength, but also to emotional intelligence, which is one of the key values he brings as a consultant, coach, and leader. He's incredibly tuned into how people can transform performance by being more present and generous in giving of themselves in everything they do. The best part is that his work actually moves the needle, and in a short period of time. I'm so glad to have worked with Terry to align our technology with his work and I look forward to tracking with him as his business continues to make a huge impact in the market.”

"In The Transformational Entrepreneur, Terry Murray does the near impossible: giving us practical advice and innovative methodology for engaging the as yet untapped resources of the human mind, heart and spirit, inspiring us to step out of the box with sure-footedness and a sense of adventure. Terry’s breakthrough philosophy is based on his own powerful experiences exploring a new way of being and a new way of doing business in the 21st century.”

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